“We are either progressing or retrograding all the while. There is no such thing as remaining stationary in this life.” James Freeman Clarke

Doing my best

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Don’t rely on others for your happiness

Or else you will end up disappointed …

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A chamomile in the land of dreams

Well i’ve always heard about the benefits of chamomile in soothing the nerves and calming the body. After such a tiring week full of worry, anger, anxiety and especially self punishments. I decided to make up with myself (since i’ve treated her really bad) with a hot cup of chamomile mixed with a spoon of honey. Writing this post, i feel extremely relaxed. I keep trying to test my nerves by remembering bad things but nothing seems to happen. I feel like i’m in the land of dreams.

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A candle in the dark

Since a very young age, i started caring for peoples’ problems. I remember a cartoon, that i don’t recall the name, telling a story of Japanese brother and sister escaping the bombarding, living in a cave and starving to death, i was about eight years old then. It made me cry for more than two days. I kept getting older and it went from cartoons to movies to real life stories. Every time i felt like involved in all those stories and every time i hear or watch one of them i feel really hurt and badly wanting to help.

The first relief i felt was by helping a friend of mine in a relationship matter, she was devastated, her health went down, she lost almost everything. I couldn’t stay without helping her, i stood by her side and did the best i can to bring back smile to her face and light to her life. That brought happiness to my life as well, and it became a cure for the sympathy feelings that kept burning me from the inside. Every time i step out off the pity circle and jump in the helping one i feel like a seed growing inside my heart, the seed kept growing until it became one beautiful flower with a magical breeze, once it’s smelled a smile is subconsciously drawn.

I remember the day i watched one of the most stunning movies ever : “Seven Pounds”, a Will smith’s masterpiece. It tells the story of a man that donated all the worthy things he had including his life to save others’ lives and to bring joy into them. The story might seem unreal, but it opened my eyes to a very important truth. If i’m serious about helping people there is always a way to do it, a thing to give and a problem to solve.

However, along my adventure of healing wounds, the road was not that easy. Rocks keep falling around and i try to do my best to avoid them. It might be unreasonable but some people do their best to discourage you for the good things you do. For me, it’s like one of the biggest mysteries that i can’t find an explanation. Is it by envy ? because helping doesn’t only make you feel great but it increases your popularity and makes you the sweetheart of a huge number of life victims. Every day i get remarks like : are you that good or just pretending ? Who told you that what you are doing is called helping ? I told you that “x” will never recognize what you did for him/her ! Why don’t you just focus on your own business ? your life is a mess try to organize it first before showing off and trying to be an expert … Since i’m just human, the flower inside me starts withering and i feel an extreme pain. What if i’m ruining lives instead of helping ? what about me ? don’t i have my own life to care for ? what about my dreams and goals in life?

There was a day when i felt an extreme confusion, due to all those useless interventions. i spent the whole day in my bed and didn’t want to see anyone. I kept thinking and thinking, but yet i felt confused. Until i heard my phone ringing. It was “the” message. A friend of mine, who i offered to help sent me :” you are a life saver, you are an angel, people like you are very rare, you are a gift from god, you didn’t only help me, you also taught me that life is nothing but a mission to accomplish”. I felt a happiness that i can’t describe. I woke up from my bad and opened the window, i felt like seeing the sun shine for the very first time.

Then, i understood that my mission is erasing sadness and replacing it by happiness and joy. That’s what i want, and that’s what makes me glad. I do believe that the flower inside me should always bloom no matter what, that flower should be like a candle in the dark guiding to the world of peace and prosperity.

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Grab a pencil and draw a smile

Happiness is the destination of every path we walk on. If not, such a path wouldn’t be chosen at first place. Happiness is the hope you see in the eyes of a hard worker holding his case and heading to an exotic place in order to spend the summer holidays, in the eyes of a kid opening his birthday presents or in the eyes of a lover getting reunited with the love of his life that has been away from him for a long time. Happiness can be very expensive and it can be totally free, but it’s always worth looking for.


On the other hand we can find the inner peace. It’s a form of happiness that never ends. A satisfaction, that transforms one’s life from completely miserable to totally glad. It’s like being in the desert but smelling the scent of all kinds of flowers, hearing the songs of the birds mixed with the sound of a refreshing waterfall and feeling a chilly breeze going through the soul. So what’s the secret behind this elixir of Happiness?

“when we feel love and kindness toward others,

it not only makes others feel loved and cared for,

but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.” The Dalai Lama

The formula is very simple: just think about making others happy. We can spend our lifetime thinking of ways to feel happy and we may never find them but with spending our time in searching a way to take people out of their sadness and plant happiness in their lives ours will become even happier.

Starting from a “theory”, I decided to experience that feeling and see if what I mentioned above is true or not. My first destination was an orphanage, with a group of friends I thought about giving love to people who really deserve it, who are in real need for it.  When I arrived a sweet two years boy welcomed me by gently pulling my skirt, when I looked down he opened his arms asking me for a hug. I couldn’t fight that temptation. It was a very firm hug that made my heart beat fast. It was a very strong feeling that made me shake for a while. Suddenly, I just forgot everything: who I am, what bother me the most, what my problems are, what my anxieties are, how to reach my goals … The only things that I worried about are how to make those kids laugh, how to give them as much love as I can and how to make them forget the fact that they need the love, care and interest of their own parents. It felt like I’m in a noble mission. It made me feel worthy and important. It was like a compromise: give love and get peace.

The experience was a total success. I can’t stop smiling and I feel very confident and satisfied with who I am. I wish that after reading this post you try to do the same and tell us how your experience was. Just do it! Just grab a pencil and draw millions of smiles!





Life in progress

Life is just few steps, some of us choose to walk it freely not really caring about where to go, and we just go with the flow. We may have dreams buried deep inside but we never had the courage to plant their seeds and enjoy the smell of their beautiful flowers. Though we never notice that unconsciously we are still fulfilling others’ dreams.

Let’s imagine a path we are walking on. Everyone knows how the first step is like but only few of us know how the last one would be. These ones have their “dream map” well drawn. They know exactly what their dreams are and how to achieve them. Life, for them, is just a dance floor. Making the right combination of moves, they have the chance to perform a show that pleases everyone around and that they totally enjoy. These glorious people are the ones that we are usually fascinated by the way they live their lives and with no hesitation we tend to call them “Successful people”.

I’ve been always passionate by watching those artistic dances, and they always fascinate me. Me? I’m a young lady at the age of 24. I spent most of those years admiring others’ successes and hoping to get mine one day. My gift is that wide imagination that takes me from my real world to a perfect one, full of dreams of all colors some of them left to become reality, but most of them are still flying on the sky of that world. I don’t really remember when did i first get into that world but i only know that being there is a nice feeling . Until the day i got hit by the fact that i know exactly how i want to look like few steps away, but for no reason i prefer day dreaming about that ! even the few successes i had, seem to be done by luck. I may regret some few decisions i made, but what i regret the most are the ones i didn’t even make.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

It took me time to find this new me, but from now on, my life will only be on progress. And that would be the main subject of my blog, that i hope it inspires people like me to find their own selves, to fulfill their own dreams and to perform the greatest dances.





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